Delphi contractor rates


It’s been a while since I had do contract work so not sure what the going hourly rate would / should be for a senior developer role based in Brisbane / Gold Coast.

When I did it many years ago I was “told” that your if you thought the full time version of the role was say 100K PA then you drop the K and that’s your hourly rate.

I know this is sort of a depends question, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



I suggest considering $125 - $150 an hour.

Good luck with that. Delphi is not a language known for being used by large organisations flushed with cash. IMHO most organisations would take the risk of going out of business than pay high hourly rates. C# will get you in the order of $100/hour, mostly a bit less, sometimes a bit more. Hard to fathom how Delphi developers would be paid more

Also, pay in Brisbane is significantly less. Those rates quoted are for Sydney. I know them because I was just looking for a C# contracting role