Delphi-related Channels on YouTube

I might try to come back later and fill in missing channel links.

For a start …


Dr Kevin Bond has text books for upper highschool programming using Delphi.
Interview :
Books :
Delphi Summer Camp 2021 - Day 1
Dr. Kevin R. Bond’s How to Program Effectively in Delphi



More …
Delphi for Schools
Delphi Creative (Portuguese) -
Delphi Mystics -
Delphi Practical School -
DelphiWorld -
GDK Software -
IT DevCon -
lazarus revolution -
Mr Long Education -
Programming with Delphi -
Sokovito Games -
SQLFirebird -
StahliSoft (German) -
VCL examples -
WinTechItalia (Italian) -

Andreas Wunnenberg
Delphi Dev & Des
Castle Game Engine

Individual videos / series

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@ianbarker is keeping himself very busy …

with more webinars extending infinitely into the future :slight_smile:

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Sleep is for the weak (and the sane, who will avoid going insane). :wink:

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New Australian channel here, Tim Coates, has been cranking out the videos …