Delphi / RS 12 Athens released

Ahead of the webinar even …

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Here is a list of tools/components I use that now support Delphi 12.

A couple that don’t support it yet

  • FixInsight

Directly contradictory statements as well as a logical fallacy wouldn’t you say?

6.1 RAD Studio Athens removed the iOS 64-bit and Android 32-bit platforms because it cannot support the platforms if it does not support the deployment of apps to their Stores. Please use 11.3 to build for iOS or Android with C++.

So Athens doesn’t support iOS or Android (32 bit) platforms? Really?
That’s 80% of what I currently use Delphi for.

Mobile 32bit support was discontinued years ago. Neither iOS or Android supports these anymore.

But it also says iOS 64 bit.
Also as an aside I thought that the Android app bundle was both 32 and 64 bit … but I could be wrong there.

When I installed D12 iOS was one of the platforms to choose, so would be very surprised if iOS64 is not supported.

That is related to C++Builder 12.

From Delphi 12 (Enterpise - includes Linux)

Phew! Thanks for the clarification @Geoff

Already exists in beta, it works, email the author :slight_smile:

…and NexusDB v4.75.01 was released with Rad Studio 12 support :+1: