Delphi Web Apps

Its very clear from recent comments in the announcement videos and the Delphi survey that Embarcadero have finally discovered Saas/Web Apps and are looking at providing web app functionality out of the box. I’m conflicted on this. It was desperately needed and hopefully we will see some effort to modernise the internet related stacks & libraries, especially for Linux which receives no love for some reason. Strong foundation libraries in thread pools, job management, security/session management, large workload scaling, modern web standards etc would be great.

However, from a business perspective, I really think this race has been lost and its way too late for Delphi to be respected in the web space by a large enough audience to justify the cost, in the same way that mobile has cost a fortune with very little return.

What do you think? Can you see a company with a team using Delphi to make web apps?

Just to officially correct your assumptions :grin:

Embarcadero do not intend to provide web apps out of the box. This is an incorrect conclusion - I’m sorry if I played a part in making anyone form that opinion.

FWIW I personally work - with a team - on a large client server app which uses TMS WEB Core. Adopting this approach allowed us to reuse substantial portions of business logic code that would have taken a lot longer to recreate in other ways.

With regard to ‘internet related stacks’ and Linux - yes, that’s definitely on the radar, especially for things like Indy, SSL. OpenSSL and so on. I don’t have anything I can share officially right now but it’s a pain point for a lot of people and one we’d like to resolve.

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I have zero interest in doing web front ends in Delphi - not a fan of solutions that try to do this (shehorning desktop UI paradigms onto web).

If Delphi had something like that was stable, secure, fully featured and supported then I’d be interested (yes I know about delphi mvc).

So for now I’m using dotnet/aspnet 8 on the server and react and/or htmx on the client(browser).

In the case of the project I was working on the impetus was to reuse the business logic and produce the front end with HTML/CSS etc. We didn’t want to do it with page producer kind of solutions and needed something fast, reliable, testable, and appropriate to the desired outcome. We also didn’t want to have a two speed/two flavor approach to the project with it split into different languages and technologies except where absolutely necessary.