DelphiCon 2021 - Day one

Some pretty cool talks last night (this morning) … with 2 more days to go. Some I saw were:

  • Marco Cantu → status quo + roadmap stuff.
  • Erik Bilsen → entity component systems.
  • Ian Barker → Skia4Delphi.
  • Alister Christie → (always great) on the IDE + language.

I get a strange vibe from the commercial side of it. Free to watch. Free to “buy” an ‘All Access Pass’ to the replays before it started … or else $400 after that. ??? :dizzy_face:
By contrast, Cppcon costs to attend (maybe online attendance was ~$150 this year) … but then virtually everything gets released to YouTube.

In any case, GoToWebinar was apparently being a bit unreliable, so maybe the replay issue might be significantly relaxed. Just seems like a weird approach to me.

Well, everything seems to be on the Embarcadero YouTube channel

Maybe it’s a good sign that GoToWebinar met it’s attendance cap (whatever that number was) and the overflow broadcast video on YouTube shows 1168 views.

I have received emails with links to replays of the talks. Days 1 and 2. I expect Day 3 will come today.

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Yes. There seems to be no issue there - so I have no idea how / what / why the $400 reference was there. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ok. Not all videos are available publicly on the website.

These are the videos showing on the Emb YouTube site from DelphiCon 2021 :

Beautifying IntraWeb Apps Using Bootstrap [On-Demand] - YouTube

Castle Game Engine Coming to Delphi! - YouTube

Catch Leaks in Delphi and C++ Builder [On-Demand] - YouTube

Control Arduino Manipulator Using Delphi and Visuino over WiFi or Bluetooth - YouTube

Create Windows installers in RAD Studio 11 Alexandria [On-Demand] - YouTube

Delphi Does Low Code Cross Platform REST Client in 30 Minutes - YouTube

Delphi Modernization Made Easy! [On-Demand] - YouTube

Designing Applications for Windows 11 [On-Demand] - YouTube

Developing Applications for the Raspberry Pi with Delphi 11 - YouTube

Entity Component Systems - A Different Approach to Coding - YouTube

How Tab Controls Can Ruin Desktop UX - YouTube

02 - Keynote: Beyond 10x - The Future of Development with Delphi - YouTube

Leaving Delphi 7 A Migration Success Case Study - YouTube

Maximise Your Delphi Productivity - YouTube

Move Your UI to the 23rd Century - Building a Data Dashboard with Delphi and Skia. Engage! - YouTube

Multi-Platform Explorations using Delphi, FMX, Feeds, REST and More - David I - DelphiCon 2021 - YouTube

Smartwatch Android Meets Delphi Controlling Devices - YouTube

Tackling Localization with TsiLang Components Suite [On-Demand] - YouTube

The SOLID Principles in Delphi Write Better Code! [On-Demand] - YouTube

Using Delphi as a No Code Development IDE [On-Demand] - YouTube

Using FireMonkey as a Game Engine [On-Demand] - YouTube

Why Does the Cloud Matter for a Delphi Developer - YouTube

And the following ones are not : (at the moment)

Jim McKeeth
Developer Relations, Embarcadero
01 - Welcome to DelphiCon 2021 - YouTube

Miguel Angel Moreno
IoT Designer and Software Developer
03 - Convert your VCL Database Application to Mobile and Multiplatform - YouTube

Ray Konopka
Raize Software, Raize Software, Inc.
06 - Creating Custom Title Bars in VCL Apps - YouTube

Bruno Fierens
CEO, tmssoftware
07 - Thriller - A Delphi Web App in 5 Work Days - YouTube

Olaf Monien
CEO, Developer Experts
11 - Multi Threaded Programming on Apple's Mac M1 vs Mac Core i7 vs Windows Core i7 - YouTube

David Millington
Senior Product Manager, Embarcadero Technologies
19 - Using C++ Builder to Extend the Reach of Delphi - YouTube

Alexander Syrykh
Software Developer, Fast Reports Inc
20 - Invoice Generation via Telegram Bot Using FastReport VCL and Delphi - YouTube

Cary 𝔍ensen, Jens Fudge & Olaf Monien
21 - FireDAC Combining Power and Speed in Cross Platform Database Access Live Panel - YouTube

Jim McKeeth & Stefan van As
22 - Fintech on the Ethereum Blockchain with Delphi - YouTube

Nick Hodges
Software Development Manager, Gateway Ticketing Systems
23 - Delphi Best Practices - The Top Seven Things you Should be Doing - YouTube

Maico Dal Ri & Dion Carlos Mai
24 - Building a Web Crawler with Delphi and Python - YouTube

Victory Fernandes
MSC Engineer, TKS Software
25 - APILayer - Features and Connecting with REST - YouTube

Dion Carlos Mai & Gustavo Mena Barreto
26 - Things You Didn't Know About JSON in Delphi - YouTube

Hi Paul,

I have quite a few of these downloaded already, I think on the 21st.

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Yes, they emailed out unlisted links.
But afaik, none of the second group are publicly released. I’m surprised that eg at least David Millington’'s C++/Delphi talk isn’t released. It was really good.

All of these videos are now online, I think. There’s a lot there. :slight_smile:

–>> New links added to the previous post.