Dinner after the 2023 Symposium in Melbourne

For those of you who are in Melbourne, we are having a get together after the symposium. This will be a bistro dinner at the Symposium venue, Chelsea Heights Hotel, probably from about 6:30 to give an hour or so to mingle over a drink before sitting down.

If you intend to come to the dinner, can you please RSVP this event, or send me a PM or email, by the 26th April. Thanks.

In case it is not clear, we pay for our own choice of meal and drinks.

Not sure how I RSVP this event, but I will take up your kind offer Sue, of the after Symposium dinner.

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Click on the button above, ‘Going’

Did so thanks. It will be an intimate dinner with just the four of us.

I’m in, at the risk of missing some of the prize draw :slight_smile: