Direct MySQL 8.0 drivers

I am sorry to bring politics to ADUG but we are currently using the MicroOlap components but since they are a Russian company (blah blah blah) I am looking for a replacement set of components to move to MySQL 8.0.
The other possible ones that I have found so far are:

Have I missed any?

Firedac, does initially say only 64 bit then a bit later says

Note: If you use a 64-bit SQL server, the client DLLs will also be 64-bit. To connect at design time or to use this server with a 32-bit application, download 32-bit DLLs from MySQL :: Download C API (libmysqlclient)

ZeosLib download |

Requires DLL’s, however using the MariaDB dll’s provides both x86 and x64