Disposal of Programming Books

Hi All,

Hopefully this is an appropriate forum for this.

I am now a retired programmer and find that I have library of books (not e-books), purchased over the last couple of decades, in good condition that I wish to dispose of. So I was wondering if any of you would be interested in taking them off my hands. I live in Macquarie Park, Sydney and would be happy to give them to any interested party willing to collect them.
The 100 or so books cover a range of topics e.g.:
Design and Analysis Patterns, Refactoring, Database Design, Test-Driven Development, CSS, XML, etc.


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Hi Steve

I would be interested in having a look.

It turms out that I am working at Macquarie University next week, so could maybe visit some time early in the week.



Hi Paul,

Thanks for your interest. Yes a visit early next week would be fine.

How do we exchange details? I do not want to publicise them. Is there a private messaging facility here that we could use that I am not aware of?


Contact me on pjdesigneng@bigpond.com

There is a PM function in the forum. Click on the avatar of the person you wish message and you will get an option to send a message.

Thanks Sue, good to know.

Perhaps you could post some pictures … maybe just of the spines if that makes it easier …

Good idea, Paul. I linked pictures (PDFs) of the book splines below. Hopefully the links work Ok.

I’ve linked 9 files to this email:


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(Attachment Books 1 IMG_1638_r.pdf.html is missing)

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Good idea, Paul. I attached pictures (PDFs) of the book splines below.


Books 2 IMG_1639_r.pdf (186 KB)

Books 6 IMG_1643_r.pdf (199 KB)

Books 8 IMG_1645_r.pdf (217 KB)

Books 3 IMG_1640_r.pdf (218 KB)

Books 4 IMG_1641_r.pdf (221 KB)

Books 7 IMG_1644_r.pdf (228 KB)

Books 5 IMG_1642_r.pdf (231 KB)

Books 1 IMG_1638_r.pdf (243 KB)

Books 9 IMG_1646_r.pdf (322 KB)

Can I take “Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide” please? I’ve already got the other TDD book so I’ll leave it for someone else.

I’m in Brisbane so can’t drop in to pick it up but I’m happy to pay for postage. If that’s too inconvenient, I might be able to get someone to pick it up for me.

Hi Mark,

If you can get someone to pick it up for you I will hold it for you. Sorry, I am not doing the posting thing.

Please let me know if you want me to hold it for you (one week max. from tomorrow).


Fair enough. I’ve sent messages to a couple of people I know to see if either can pick it up, so if you can put a hold on it for me, that would be great.

If anyone else is picking up books and would be willing to pick it up and post it to me, that would be appreciated. I’d be happy to book a courier to pick it up, but it would still require packing it and putting a label on it…

Ok someone has kindly taken all of the books off of my hands. I’m glad they didn’t have to end up in the recycling. :grinning:



That’s good. There was lots of good books in your library!