Do I have to do Something to Get Mobile in D11 Pro

I have just started playing with D11.
The Splash screen says Professional Registered

My Sydney Splash screen says Professional with Mobile Registered
and while I loaded the Android platform with the install it does not show up

So has Mobile support been removed from Std Pro with D11 or do I just need to find my Free Mobile upgrade License I think came with Tokyo.

OK… so I’m not going insane. Having the same issue for a client of mine. Haven’t found an answer as yet

Did either of you install the 2 Android related items that show up on the same page where Help, Samples etc can be selected? The Pro SKU does have mobile listed in the feature list, so shouldn’t require any add ons

I think so

The Platforms Tab Shows Android Professional >> Installed

And the Android SDK is ticked

Application Just does not allow you add an android platform (no Entry)

I have had similar issues in the past when moving to a new machine and it was fixed by adding

Mobile Add-On Pack for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional .

My Delphi License is

Delphi XE8 (upgraded from XE4 or later)

Delphi XE7 (upgraded from XE2 or later)

Mobile Add-On Pack for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional

Mobile License Details:

Title: Mobile Add-On Pack for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional
License file name: …85.slip
License Expiration Date: Unlimited
License Type: Workstation
Serial number: xx
Registered: Yes
Platform: Windows
Commercial use: Yes

This License Activates:

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional with Mobile

I tried to re-register the Mobile License but it made no change

Cheers Roger

All Fixed

The support response was
“Please open the License Manager from Help > License Manager then click the Delete button and delete your license. Once deleted, click the Register button and re-register your serial number. You should then be able to add the mobile platforms once you restart the IDE.”

Caused some trepidation but I deleted all my licenses and registered one
Delphi XE8 Professional Named User (Upgrade from XE4 or later)

The three Licenses then came back. More importantly D11 now support Android (But does not show the “With Mobile” flash screen and previous versions of Delphi still seem to work.

Obviously something is with the installation process because I had to give my License during the install.