Does Delphi have equivalent to Post Build Event

Hi All,

Most our products are Active X Addins for 3D CAD Tools.

To allow the application they run in to know about them, these addins contain code that is called when the application is registered.

One of the tools we work with is Autodesk Inventor. For Inventor 2022, they have dropped support for registry based addins in favour what they call Registry Free addins.

They stated that the Registration process was too complicated an have replaced it with an even more complicated process.

What we have to do now is, once the .dll is created, we execute an mt.exe which stuffs some info from a manifest file your have to create that tell windows what to do with the .dll.

If you are using Visual Studio you add a command line to call mt.exe to the Post Build Event and VS executes this after you build.

Does Delphi have anything like this? if not, I cannot debug my addin because when I compile, a new .dll is created and mt.exe cannot be called before the debugger gets going.

Any suggestions?



Delphi uses msbuild, just like VS - so yes it has post build events - in the project options dialog, look for Build Events - I use them with map2pdb to generate pdb files that the intel vtune profiler can use - and for doing things like registering activex dll’s etc