DPM is a thing of beauty

Just wanted to give a shoutout to @vincent for his work on DPM (Delphi Package Manager https://delphi.dev/ )

I’ve wanted a proper package manager for Delphi for awhile, and looked at DPM in the early days but it didn’t quite do everything I wanted. I had another look recently and it has come a long way since then.

Once I figured out how it works, it only took a couple of hours to integrate our internal and third party libraries for a particularly complex project. Once that was done, our build scripts became a lot simpler (to the point where people are now game to alter them, whereas before they were too scary to touch).

Our build times also dropped dramatically. We try not to build packages every time, but over time they gradually creep back in until builds are taking minutes again. Now they are just removed entirely so I’m quietly optimistic we’ve solved that problem.

Really worth a look. The joy that comes from just being able to open a dproj and have dpm figure out all the required dependencies is addictive.

Nice one @vincent


And, if you wanna stay up late … @vincent is in the UK today, about to talk to the Uk Dev Group about topics including DPM. (7pm AWST, 9pm AEST) UK Delphi Developers Meeting - #20 by Paul_McGee

(Except I think he might be scheduled more toward the end of the meeting)

But I’m pretty sure he might be convinced to update us all at a Melbourne or Perth meeting in the near future.

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Vincent did a presentation to the Melbourne ADUG group on DPM in November 2020. Here is a recording of it from back then.


Thanks @Malcolm - it’s still a work in progress - hopefully as a result of this trip I have gotten a few more people interested in helping out with it.