Duplicate GUID error when copy a project - then open old and new project at the same time

I am getting a “Duplicate GUID” errors in the Delphi IDE when I open a project

This occurs when you copy a project and then open the old and new project in the IDE

The GUID values appears in the *.DPROJ file as shown below.
Is it safe to replace the GUID with a new GUID ?
The GUID does appears in any other files, so I think it would be ok to replace it with another one.

{**0AAFE1BC-A609-4C9D-A90C-2249071AB17D**} 17.2 VCL DemoProject.dpr True Debug Win32 1 Application

Environment: Delphi XE 8

Scott Hollows

I have had this before, and yes it’s safe to replace the guid.

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