Early Notice for the ADUG December Melbourne Meeting


The December meeting (20th) is going to be an in person (and Zoom)
meeting, largely for organizing the next 6 months presentations. There
will be some food, and hopefully a short presentation.

This early notice, is so you can think about it a bit, perhaps to consider
making a presentation in the coming year.

Do you have a presentation you have been wanting to make?
Or would like someone else to make?
Delphi Ideally. General interest, probably ok.

Did you win a prize at the Symposium, is it good?
Would you like to show us how good?

Did you find or create a useful solution to something that has been
bugging your for ages?

Do you want to present on something you need a (better) solution for?
(Perhaps better in the Forum, but anyway…)

Come along (or Zoom In) and we can all discuss it, and schedule a time.

Consider how long it might take you to get it ready, we will need
presentations early in the year, but later months will allow you quite a
few months to prepare. (Possibly getting it prepared early and ready to
go is good though)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 864 2088 2861
Passcode: 894810
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+61871501149,86420882861#,*894810# Australia
+61280156011,86420882861#,*894810# Australia

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+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 864 2088 2861
Passcode: 894810
Find your local number: Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Again,

The December meeting (20th) is going to be an in person (and Zoom)
meeting, largely for organizing the next 6 months presentations. There
will be some food, and hopefully (maybe) a short presentation.

Starting around 6PM
A Zoom link will be posted around then.

It might be good if all those who intend coming in person were to reply, so we have an idea of the likely attendance for catering purposes.
I have also put a poll thing in (feel free to click it as well), I am doubtful about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it winds up indicating 100+ people intend to be there :slight_smile:

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Hi Roger

I added an event for this meeting so people can add it to their calendars. When posting a topic in the Meetings category, there is an Add Event button to the right of the topic which allows you to set the date and time of the event. This also makes the event appear on the Calendar view.

Cool, Thanks

I added zoom meeting details for everyone who is not meeting in person!

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Thank you cool

From the meeting chat …

Some general ideas I had thought of before, and had been meaning to type up -
(each idea things that people might find intimidating and might welcome a short beginners introduction to)

Notes from the ADUG Melbourne Meeting 20/12/2021

Web Crawlers, Issues. (Did something that caused them to break site??)
(Roger Connell)

Monthly Topic/Ideas for a bit of discussion at the start of the meeting
get this done

Lazarus/Free Pascal
Seems Popular

Writing code that works in both Lazarus and Delphi
Currently Anonymous methods not implemented in FPC
Once Generics were not present, now mostly ok,
Just wait, things seem to arrive (or help maybe…)

How to DataSnap (Web Service/Rest)
Seems poorly documented
Perhaps if you want what the wizard makes, its ok…
Perhaps supplanted by Rad Server
(Roger Plant)

C# or perhaps F# presentation for Delphi Programmers
Some things better solved with functional programming.
(John McDonald)

Sorting of a Virtual Treeview in On Demand (Virtual) mode
Issue is it doesn’t attempt to load all nodes, but does attempt to sort all Nodes.
(John McDonald)

TMS Web Core, What it is, where and why we might use it.
(Mathias, hopefully)

Elevate Web Builder
(Robert Horbury-Smith)

Mormot Version 2 will be out soon.

Perhaps a(nother) presentation on Mormot
It has lots of the MVC, MVVM, etc options.
Mormot is very scaleable, and very secure.
Mormot will generate Javascript

Maybe if there is interest a forum group (like TMS Webcore) for Mormot
could be formed.

Commercial Products
Perhaps get commercial Vendors to present on specific similar products
Over a couple of months (1 vendor per month)


(Roger Plant)

BPL’s, If there is interest, Later in the Year.
(Sue King)

Using Open/Libre Office API’s from Delphi.

Smart Inspect and Grijjy logging (on phone)
Can flip between logging and smartinspect.
(Sue King)

Like a web browser, (maybe a bit like electron)

Cross Platform Development System using
HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT to build hybrid apps for
IOS, ANDROID, Windows.

Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Always come away with something from a presentation.

We all use frameworks, and steal and share ideas.

Paul McGee, also had a good list of things (which he has posted to this
this thread)

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