Edge Browser component

I have had my own email program for quite some time. I used TWebBrowser to render and compose HTML messages. With it becoming more and more outdated, last year I swapped over to CEF4Delphi. It was a long project, a steep learning curve and even now there are a few minor things not finished.

I had been using Delphi 10 Seattle, but recently changed to 10.4 Sydney.

Host is Windows 10, VM is VirtualBox, Guest is Windows 10.

I noticed that there is now a TEdgeBrowser component.

Has anyone been able to install and use this? There seems to be lots of different instructions (use Canary, don’t use Canary…). I downloaded EdgeView2 through the GetIt Window in the IDE (is this the same as Getit Package Manager???), and then a package from Microsoft and copied WebViewer2Loader.dll to my Delphi exe output directory.

When I run the demo program EdgeBrowser I get “Could not find Edge installation. Do you have a version installed that’s compatible with this WebView2 SDK version?”

Or is it better to persevere with CEF4Delphi?


If you are not adverse to paying for libraries, I can highly recommend https://www.delphihtmlcomponents.com/ - I haven’t used the editor but the html viewing part is brilliant - pure native delphi and it even supports css flexbox.

They have a demo and a trial version, so worth a look at the very least.

Thanks for the info.

I am not adverse to paying a reasonable amount … but looks like $1,000 which is too much for me to justify on a personal program. We will wait and see how I go with Edge.


I think it’s around AUD$750 and yes that is still a lot for a personal project!

Just stick with CEF wrapper. It’s powerful and proper. Given the number of apps and languages it’s used in, I’d say you’re acquiring transferable skills

“Proper” … what do you mean?

Not sure about transferable skills, I have been retired for over 12 years :smile:

Looks like the DLL I was using requires Canary, installed that, and rendering HTML pages is working - compared to CEF the work involved is tiny.

Not sure whether I will keep going or just stick with CEF. I admit that I prefer the PME (property, method, events) usual model used by TEdgeBrowser, over the CEF all-code approach.


I can second that recommendation for https://www.delphihtmlcomponents.com/ :blush:

Author is very helpful also.

re: " Looks like the DLL I was using requires Canary"
Which DLL are you referring to?


Agree, looks good, but too expensive for me.

WebView2Loader.dll, 14 May 2020

Hmm, that is actually the “Microsoft Edge Embedded Browser WebView Loader”, which executes the new Microsoft Edge (which presumably is based on Canary, as you said).

Yes, I just followed Emb instructions for installing TEdgeBrowser, but had read somewhere else you no longer needed Canary, you could just use the released Edge. Either that was wrong or my DLL is old.


Hhmm … not sure TEdgeBrowser aupports being able to edit a document. I can display an HTML file, but can’t see how to change it and edit it … only a quick look so far though …