ElevateDB 2.35 with Linux and MacOS Suport Released

Subject : ElevateDB 2.35 with Linux and MacOS Suport Released

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Elevate Software have made, in my opinion, a significant update to ElevateDB, their primary database product.

In this case the product release (9 July 2021) is way in advance of the marketing.

Here is a link to their blog:-


Here is an extract of the main points :-

"ElevateDB now includes support for 64-bit MacOS and Linux in RAD Studio 10.4.

ElevateDB now includes support for 64-bit Linux in Lazarus 2.x (FPC 3.2.0).

ElevateDB now includes a 64-bit Linux version of the ElevateDB Server that can be executed as a command-line application, as well as a Linux service/daemon. Please see the Starting and Configuring the ElevateDB Server for more information on how to install and start a Linux instance of the ElevateDB Server."

Peter Evans

The link should be:-


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Would be nice. Anyone else interested in this ?