EMF File Decode Help

I need help decoding Font EMF record into usable variables:-

        with PEMRExtCreateFontIndirectW(metaRec)^.elfw do begin

elfLogFont: LOGFONTW;
elfFullName: array [0…LF_FULLFACESIZE - 1] of WCHAR;
elfStyle: array [0…LF_FACESIZE - 1] of WCHAR;
elfVersion: DWORD;
elfStyleSize: DWORD;
elfMatch: DWORD;
elfReserved: DWORD;
elfVendorId: array [0…ELF_VENDOR_SIZE - 1] of BYTE;
elfCulture: DWORD;
elfPanose: PANOSE;

Thanks in advance

Did you look in Winapi.Windows?

I have been working from information in:-




I have managed to extract Lines and Text but for some reason Font Info is not working for me.

You have the most difficult problem of all; the “not working” one.

Please describe the problem in a way that lets others know what exactly the problem is; what you are seeing (or not), what you were expecting, show the code in question?

Yes, forgive me, I cannot get any useable information (all gobbly gook).