Exception EPackageRegistrationException Why and how do I fix it

Ok, so I have downloaded the Delphi community edition. On startup I get an error message, Exception EPackageRegistrationException and then the option to run it at the next start.

I’ve attached a screenshot, but what is it? How do I fix it?

If you press no, does it go away?
It may be a component from the enterprise edition that isn’t meant to be part of community edition

  • use VoidTools Everything to search your computer for the assemblyName and see if that file is on your computer.

Thanks for your response, yes, it does go away on pressing No. But, it’s in the back of my mind if something doesn’t work properly down the track, would it be because of this missing component. Your suggestion that it could be related to the higher level licence pack makes sense. I’ll search for the file after, can’t at the moment.

You’ll find the Delphi-Praxis forums contain a lot of answers, not sure if this will work for you in community edition: RAD Studio 10..4.2 - Delphi IDE and APIs - Delphi-PRAXiS [en]