External links - change default to open in new tabs?

Afaiks, currently clicking on an external link in a forum post opens the external site in the same tab. I would suggest changing the default to open external links in new tabs and not leaving the forums.

That is the default setting, however you can change it in your profile under preferences, interface, other.

It’s possible we hadn’t changed that default before your account was created.

Ah, thanks, that helps.

What didn’t help was that one has to Save on the options page to make it stick, and the clickable “Save” button is way down the bottom of the page, far below any other content. :smiley:

Yeah that’s a bug I’m aware of - there is a space for the calendar options - which are not showing - I’ll see if I can fix it with some css.

Fixed with some fancy css

div.user-preferences-interface-outlet.calendar-preferences > div.calendar {
    height : auto;

The problem is them reusing the .calendar class when they should have created a new one.

It will probably break again if they change anything - I reported it a while ago and they just deleted my post - I’ll report it again tomorrow.

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