Feedback wanted for symposium format for 2023

The ADUG Committee is currently planning our 2023 symposium for (tentatively) 28th April 2023.

Over the last few years, the format of the symposium has changed considerably, mainly driven by the COVID pandemic.

Technology has changed a lot with products such as Zoom allowing us to host our symposium online.

As we move on, we are interested in your preferences for how the symposium format should evolve.

There have been 3 formats for the last 3 symposia.

  • Two days, in person in two cities, no online access or recordings
  • Online only, with recordings later available
  • Online plus in person at one main venue, with recordings later available

The online format will be offered again in 2023.

Question 1:

Will you come to an in person event in Melbourne. This would have local speakers presenting in person, and international speakers presenting online.

  • Yes
  • No

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Question 2:

Would you be more likely to attend if a notable international guest speaker presents in person?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please have your say in the poll by 04/12/2022

If you have any comments please add a reply below.

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My vote is only for this upcoming symposium as the date does not suit me.

Question 1 = Maybe (depends on Covid :slight_smile: ).

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Yes, of course.

Plan A - covid does not prevent in person events
Plan B - all online

We have to be optimistic. :grinning:

For me, it is a long long day (Hobart to Melbourne and back again in the same day). I must be getting old, as I prefer online (get at least 3 hrs of extra sleep in the morning), and getting home, well, can anyone say plane delays?
So for me, I would say online.

As much as I would love an in person catch up with everyone, I think online only would be the best option. Covid isn’t done with us yet and won’t be for a while. I just spent the last 10 days at Canberra hospital with my daughter, and got to see just how stretched they are - even a small wave and you would not want to end up in hospital from what I saw. I’m sure cbr hospital is not unique in that regard.


I’ve just spent an extra night in Sydney due to “bad weather” and an airline system that is struggling.
On-line for me. By all means have people in the room where the local speakers are.

Because I live in country WA, option 1 is unrealistic for me.
Personally I would choose option 2.
Although I think option 3 would be good for those living in EA ("“Eastern Australia” :slight_smile:



I quite liked the in person experience last year.
The one downside I found was asking questions of the presenter was
somewhat difficult.
(Much easier for those at home on Zoom)

Though perhaps asking questions via chat, which can then be chosen and
announced by a moderator. Seems common and would be much more scalable.

If we have presenters at the venue, The AV facilities required will
likely be quite a bit more than needed for the (mostly) receive only venue last
year. (Do we have an AV engineer??)

Can such a hybrid event be done easily and somewhat cheaply?

Zoom seem to have a range of products these days that might do it easily
(But I don’t think cheaply, if using certified hardware)

The following web page outlines one alternate possibility, not easy (though not particularly difficult
either) or cheap if working from scratch.

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