FinalBuilder with Rad Studio 11 support released

Hi All

FinalBuilder with Rad Studio 11 support is now available from our website.

Automating your Build process is simple with FinalBuilder. With FinalBuilder you don’t need to edit xml, or write scripts. Visually define and debug your build scripts, then schedule them with windows scheduler, or integrate them with Continua CI, Jenkins or any other CI Server.

Thousands of Software Developers rely on FinalBuilder to automate the build, test and release process. If you are not using FinalBuilder to automate your builds, you are missing out :wink:


Without FinalBuilder, releasing NexusDB updates would be a major hassle. Using FB, creating new releases are highly automated. Can’t recommend strongly enough!

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Fully agree with, Eivind’s statement – FB shaves hours off new releases – not to mention means that I don’t forget any of the steps needed :blush:

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