Firebird and GIS


Anyone’s got good tips on using Firebird with GIS data types such as Latitude, Longitude, etc.?
Does anything like that exist?

Yes, I know about PostGIS, but I find PostgreSQL very unwieldy. Also, I can’t seem to uninstall it anymore because I can’t remember the password and I have no idea how to reset it.,

I hate it so much! lol

Any clue about FB?


Hello Andrea,

in 2013 we had an ADUG presentation on Geo-locations and distances by Glenn Stephens. It was on MS SQL Server. But I converted his MS SQL stored procedures to a UDF library for Firebird and InterBase. You can find the source code here:


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Ooooohhh nice… :smiley:

Can I share this in the FB-Support group?
I think people there don’t know about this!

For sure you can, Andrea.
After all it is open source with a reference to the article of Andy McGovern here.