Firedac Firebird Embedded

Hi All

I am using Delphi 10.4.2 Pro and Firebird 3 embedded. I have all the firedac components but I cannot find the source. Could someone confirm if the Pro version should include Firedac source?

I can connect to the database ok but cannot configure the TFDIBBackup to do a backup.

A thread from a couple of years ago quotes some source code issues stemming from how FB embedded used to work versus how it works now.

My Delphi 2007 version shelled out to GBAK to do the backup (not pretty) and I was hoping for a cleaner solution.

Anyone else grappled with using Firebird embedded?


We’ve got a project that uses embedded Firebird 3. We don’t implement backup in the application but I just dropped in the TFDIBBackup component, did the following and it appeared to work.

  FDPhysFBDriverLink1.VendorLib := TPath.Combine(TGlobal.AppDataPath, 'Engine\fbclient.dll');
  FDPhysFBDriverLink1.Embedded := True;

  FDConnection1.Connected := True;

  FDIBBackup1.DriverLink := FDPhysDBDriverLink1;
  FDIBBackup1.Protocol := ipLocal;
  FDIBBackup1.UserName := 'sysdba';
  FDIBBackup1.Password := 'blahblahblah';
  FDIBBackup1.Database := FDConnection1.Params.Database;
  FDIBBackup1.BackupFiles.Text := 'V:\edbackup.bak';

Thanks so much Lachlan.

I was staring at it for too long and just had to set the protocol correctly!!

Looks fine now.

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