FireMonkey designer does not implement Shift-F10 for context menu

When designing in the FMX visual designer with any component or the form active, pressing Shift+F10 activates the main menu, instead of opening a context menu for the active component.

This is highly inconvenient when working on a keyboard without a dedicated context menu key (example, every Lenovo Legion laptop currently for sale).

Please vote for this issue if this affects you or you’d just like the keyboard support to work :wink:

I had never realised shift-f10 did this
You could use the right click thing on the trackpad

Of course, I do have a trackpad, and a mouse… but why force me to waive my arms around needlessly?

The VCL designer does work as expected, so it’s a case of catching up for FMX.

Isn’t there special software to reprogram keyboard shortcuts?

Weeeeell… you can reprogram all you like, the point is that the FMX designer doesn’t implement support for the windows menu key similarly to the VCL designer.

IOW, if you are an effective keyboard user with years of VCL designing in your muscle memory, the FMX designer is just giving you the finger… :frowning: