Fmx TListBox issue/s

A developer posted on fb about an FMX issue, but wasn’t sure about posting here because it’s C++Builder.
(and probably prior experience with eg Stackoverflow)

Hi all,

I have a weird problem with TListBoxItem Styles in FMX. I wanna use TLabel inside the style so the label can get colored and styled automatically based on the global selected style.

Now the items are created with DisableDisappear property to false. So the free the style whenever they are not visible as they should be and reapply the style when they are. But as shown in the video when scroll down a little and then filter the rows and clear it it brings me to the first item but with different value for the labels. The text on the top/ bottom right are not labels they are TText and TActiveStyleTextObject and they work fine and display the correct value for the item but they are not automatically styled like TLabel.

Now, my questions are:

Is this a bug because it is weird why Tlabel have this issue inside a style and other text controls don’t?

If things can’t be fixed for TLabel how can I get the default and activation text color for TListBoxItem to set them accordingly in either TText or TActiveStyleTextObject


fmx E Haley

I’d be scared to post this question on SO too :grimacing:

I tried several times but I still don’t understand what they’re expecting to see.