Font sizes on Android

Displayed font sizes on Android seem somewhat confusing (to me at least).

I’m aware there are Android specs for the default font size for different UI elements. The problem seems to be getting access to what font size is actually displayed as a default.

If I have a TLabel and leave the font settings/style to the defaults, then run the following code, the font actually gets smaller initially (it reports font size as 14 initially) and then returns to the original displayed size once it increments to 18 on my Android device. So it seems that the reported starting default font size is not necessarily correct.

lblDateMod.StyledSettings:= lblDateMod.StyledSettings - [TStyledSetting.Size];
lblDateMod.TextSettings.Font.Size := lblDateMod.TextSettings.Font.Size + 1

I could deal with this if I knew the truth of the default font displayed size, so I could correct for it. I’ve tried using TTextLayoutManager to get text dimensions, but the problem returns to not knowing what the true display size is if using the default size.