Free Delphi books from Embarcadero

Dependency Injection in Delphi
Code Faster in Delphi
Coding in Delphi
More Coding in Delphi
Object Pascal Handbook - Alexandria
Unit Testing in Delphi
FireMonkey in Depth: Components and Styles
Extending the Delphi IDE

  • other business-y stuff.


Ta Thanks,

I had purchased a few of the Nick Hodges books already. They are good, but I still can’t get totally enthused about using interfaces everywhere.
More unit testing using is on my list of todo’s. Some of the shortcut keys we were shown by Alister at the last? Symposium I now use all the time, so I intend having a good look through his book :slight_smile:

Some very interesting books / download there. A shame I have to fill the form in to get them…
Websites I develop recognise people who have logged in and do not require them to resupply their information to download things…

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A short, nice and tiny bit strange collection of information drawn from stackoverflow apparently.
Pretty good. Worth a look. The same information is presented on the website :

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An entire archive of embarcadero publications … plus more.