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This directory contains the sources of the Free Pascal Compiler

If you want to compile/modify the compiler, please read first the programmers manual.

To recompile the compiler, you can use the batch files :

  • mppc386.bat if you want to build a cross compiler from i386 to m68k
  • mppcsparc if you want to build a cross compiler from i386 to SPARC

Use the make utility as following

  make OS_TARGET="compiler OS target" \
  CPU_TARGET="compiler CPU target" \
  FPCCPUOPT="Optimization level" \
  PP="compiler used to compile FPC" \
  COMPILER_OPTIONS="Options passed to compiler" \

If an option is omitted, then target CPU/OS will be same as current CPU/OS

Possibles targets are :

  • linux
  • go32v2
  • win32
  • os2
  • freebsd
  • beos
  • netbsd
  • amiga
  • haiku
  • atari
  • sunos
  • qnx
  • netware
  • openbsd
  • wdosx
  • palmos
  • macos
  • macosx
  • emx

Possible compiler switches ( * marks a currently required switch):

GDB* - support of the GNU Debugger
I386 - generate a compiler for the Intel i386+
x86_64 - generate a compiler for the AMD x86-64 architecture
M68K - generate a compiler for the M68000
SPARC - generate a compiler for SPARC
POWERPC - generate a compiler for the PowerPC
VIS - generate a compile for the VIS
DEBUG - version with debug code is generated
EXTDEBUG - some extra debug code is executed
SUPPORT_MMX - only i386: releases the compiler switch MMX which allows the compiler to generate MMX instructions
EXTERN_MSG - Don’t compile the msgfiles in the compiler, always use external messagefiles, default for TP
NOAG386INT - no Intel Assembler output
NOAG386NSM - no NASM output
NOAG386BIN - leaves out the binary writer, default for TP
NORA386DIR - No direct i386 assembler reader
TEST_GENERIC - Test Generic version of code generator (uses generic RTL calls)

cpuflags - The target processor has status flags (on by default)
cpufpemu - The target compiler will also support emitting software floating point operations
cpu64bitaddr - The targets use a 64-bit address space (pointers and the default integer type are 64 bit)
cpu64bitalu - The target cpu has 64-bit registers available (unless cpu64bitaddr is also defined, pointers and default integer type remain 32 bit, but the cpu can perform 64 bit calculations directly without needing helpers)

Required switches for a i386 compiler be compiled by Free Pascal Compiler: GDB;I386

to build a compiler to SPARC target using a Win32/i386 you just use : make CPU_TARGET=SPARC

Free Pascal can work with QT5 libraries (or GTK2 / GTK3)