GDK Codolex 2.0 free licence

I’m looking at it and I can’t say I’m a big fan. The theory isn’t bad, mind you, but I am not a big fan of its implementation so far. The UI is not very helpful imho: for example, they talk about activities left and right but then when you create a new test project you can only use “flows”, which is what they should focus on, imho. But it’s a bit early still, I might change my mind later on.

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I’ll pass this feedback on to GDK. As you say, it’s quite a new project and one of the things they might be able to focus on fairly quickly would be improved documentation and tweaking of wording if it’s unclear.

One thing that would really help is cross-pollination.
For example: there’s an action to create a zip file BUT there’s no option to add a parameter automatically and use that as the source of the file name, just to speak of one.
The other big issue I have is that their MSSQL configuration doesn’t allow Windows Authentication login and it’s unclear if local named instances “count” as local databases. I would be inclined to say no, but they really should - imho.
These are all little things but it’s the kind of frustration that compounds, you know?

And most of them are probably relatively easy to solve.



Yes thanks @Andrea_Raimondi - all constructive feedback. I’ve passed it on to GDK so they can benefit from it.

At the end of the day what really worries me more than anything is that I found this stuff in less than 10 minutes and I don’t really understand why I had to find stuff like this which seems rather obvious to me. Have they not done any beta for this? And if they did, how did these things not come up? Overall, this fact worries me more than anything else for reasons that are probably obvious.