Getting FireMonkey iOS development off the ground

I have just recently had opportunity to start developing a multi platform app. Android is literally plug and play to start testing on a device, however the Apple requirements for iOS development have turned out to be a stumbling block.

Specifically, when I try to import the provisioning profile I have created into XCode (dropping the file onto the taskbar icon), I get a generic “failed to import…” message, suggesting I make sure the device is the correct one (yeah, I only have one registered device… and of course I added it to the profile) or regenerate. Yeah, tried that too. In fact, tried doing everything again from creating developer certificate onwards.

I’ve pored over blogs, youtube videos, and (shock) even official documentation, but haven’t found the magic incantation. :frowning: Device and Mac updated, running latest XCode…

Can anybody recommend a source that goes through the setup of iOS requirements in excruciating detail, making sure it’s impossible to fail, and come out with an app being debugged on the other side?

Any recommendations on how to get anything other than a generic error out of XCode?

That’s rather unusual, if it’s a provisioning profile that you’re attempting to import. Is Xcode actually running when you drop it on to the icon? What is the complete message?

Incidentally, you can download provisioning profiles another way, by clicking on the Xcode item in the main menu, then Preferences (or Settings for later versions), Accounts tab, select the developer account you added, then click “Download Manual Profiles”

It was working when I did it in December 2021 with Delphi 11.0, but I haven’t had reason to do it since. Sorry, that’s not that helpful. I’d have to spend time to repeat to try to help further. I suspect it is one of those details easily missed and may be something learned through experience…

Apple don’t make it easy it as their tooling and platforms are a constant moving target.

I’m not sure of the steps on the Delphi side, but have you got an Xcode project working properly. My original understanding was that once Xcode can deploy apps ok, Delphi usually will work properly after that.
With xcode the profiles etc should auto download from your apple account and correct themselves in the latest versions when you try to run a project in Xcode to the device for the first time.

Thanks so much for the advice to get XCode going by itself first, that did indeed do the trick! Now, to get some actual work done… :wink: I probably missed that step somewhere.