Ho do you logging into ADUG member services website without having to Change Passwords?

How do you login in the the member services website tab? I’m logged into the website and then have to login again to the member services website and can’t (get bad username password combination). Just trying to make membership payment. Had an issue last year; and the year before. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hi Tony,
I am not sure what you mean by

I’m logged into the website

as you don’t need to log into the ADUG website to see it. However if you mean you are logged into the forum, and then go to ADUG Website and follow the prompts you do have to login again, as the forum and web site are totally separate sites, and the menu option on the forum is a link to the website.

If you are getting

get bad username password combination

then you are using the wrong password. Try to reset it using the ‘Forgotten Password’ button.

If you have any further difficulties, send me a PM in the forum, or email me at vice-president at adug dot org dot au.

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I go to the website and log in using my number, can go anywhere except member services where it prompts me to login again. Using the same credentials I then get a bad password and user combination

Just to check …

‘Our Services’ → ‘Member area’ should take you to … ADUG Member Services

Can you show an image of where you login to the website please?

It now lets me login so something has changed. I had tried variations of user name, as per the display and just member number, using different browsers even. So whoever fixed it, thanks