How do I Find Indy Documentation

On line documentation seems to be a real problem.

The Delphi DocWiki is still broken for version pre Rio and now I find the Indy Project is also having problems.

Delphi help refers you to this site which promises downloads but then loses it.

From memory Indy help was available online now they are only offering (but failing to deliver) downloads of the site.

Does anyone have any knowledge of where this information might be available now.

Happy to provide, which was still available there less than a year ago - indeed all the links are dead now :frowning:

Would be great if you could provide it for download for a short time

Frustratingly, my attempts at sending the link do not seem to reach their destination. Now trying low tech (image of the link below):
Feel free anyone, will be there for a week or 2.


You can view (most?) what was there on


Weird the link was rubbed out previously

Possibly because it is a download link not a page