IDE unit methods dropdown

I don’t know Terry Peterson, but he has identified a source of something that has been bugging me for a while.

I have done some work on the Dev-Cpp IDE, written in Delphi, and the methods dropdown of TMainForm would only show 35 methods … out of 339. (!)

At some stage in the past I had gone as far as to copy the file, strip out all the code from all procedures, etc using Notepad++ … and … in the IDE the dropdown showed all of the methods.

This now makes sense. The dropdown listing dies at the first encounter with an inline var declaration. :sleepy:

There are numerous issues in the IDE with newer language constructs. The reason for this is that there mulitple language parsers used in the IDE - most of which are considered legacy and at some point will be replaced with the LSP parser (or another new parser!).

The method dropdown feature was part of Castilia (bought by embarcadero a while back) and I belive it uses it’s own parser - a modified version of mwPasLex which dates back to 1999.

Imho the delphi IDE is suffering from an awful lot of technical debt which accumulated while they chased the mobile market.

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