Impressive Delphi game and game engine

This old post on popped up in my google feed today and it looks interesting. A mammoth amount of work (12000+ hours).

Personally it would be far more productive to use something like Unity to develop a game and a new engine has very limited commercial appeal but I bet it has been a lot of fun developing it :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen someone’s excellent, very recent, work around on fb, but can’t find it now. I’m sure there were multiple posts.
Unless it was this guy …

Johnny Ray Worrall

26 April ·

I’ve been working on the Jade Framework for a number of years and up until now? it only supported FPC. However I have decided that I’m finally going to add Delphi support ready for release.

It is a cross platform application framework, GUI and network synchronized 3D graphics engine (Windows, Linux, OSX, IOS, Android, Haiku)

It supports software rendering for all 2D elements as well as OpenGL, GLES and Vulkan for 2D and 3D. It has a complete MIDI and DSP Audio engine, native database drivers and has no third party library dependencies at all.

There does not seem to be a way to download “it” at the present time.

I am unsure of what exactly one would be downloading anyway. The source code?

Seems to be for his private use only!

Not too sure if anything has been released either.
If he is to delay the “release” because of Delphi support we may be waiting a long time.
I would have thought that releasing it on FreePascal and getting some feedback would have been the way to go.