Installing ICS V9.0

I am trying to install the new version of ICS (XE) but getting the error Cannot load package. It contains unit ‘SHDocVW’ which is also used in package ‘vclie150’.

Anyone have any ideas how to rectify this.



If you have the source code you can remove SHDocVW from the package its explicitly included in, within ICS, then it should work.

Thats not so simple.

There are references to this file throughout the package and if you start removing files then you find other files rely on the removed ones.

If you remove the internet components (and all the associated packages that rely on them) if still doesnt compile as it produces some very long and unreadable error.


Add vclie to the required packages in thje ICS runtime package - that way it will find the SHDocVW unit.

Also, take a look at the ICS packages for other versions of delphi, do they reference vclie ?

It’s possible they just haven’t tested the packages with XE in a while - not easy to keep supporting very old versions of Delphi. I have XE2-11.0 and it’s not easy making sure things compile with so many versions.