Integer.ToString (eg)

Just wondering how this is implemented. Is it compiler magic? or something we could write?

Hi Paul

This looks like a helper for the Integer ‘‘class’’.

Does this help?


Thanks @Graeme,
I forgot that I had been interrupted when I was looking through a “ToString” grep list.
I didn’t know it could work this way for value types.

//  System.SysUtils.pas
 TIntegerHelper = record helper for Integer { for LongInt type too }
      MaxValue = 2147483647;
      MinValue = -2147483648;

    function ToString: string; overload; inline;
    function ToBoolean: Boolean; inline;
    function ToHexString: string; overload; inline;
    function ToHexString(const MinDigits: Integer): string; overload;
    function ToSingle: Single; inline;
    function ToDouble: Double; inline;
    function ToExtended: Extended; inline;

    class function Size: Integer; inline; static;
    class function ToString(const Value: Integer): string; overload; inline; static;
    class function Parse(const S: string): Integer; static;
    class function TryParse(const S: string; out Value: Integer): Boolean; inline; static;