Introduction as a new member = Vince Dent

Hello, My Name is Vince Dent. I live in Mackay QLD. I have written on D4,D5 and then worked heavily in a private company for 10 years. Recently retrenched and now purchased RAD Studio 11 and re-educating myself.
Kind regards,
Vince Dent


Welcome Vince. :slight_smile:

I started with D1, then D3, D5, D7, XE and also just bought D11.

Welcome Vince (from the other Vincent)

It might seem a big jump from D5 to 11.x but while the IDE has changed a lot, the language is pretty similar - most notable changes being Unicode Strings Generics and anonymous functions.

Welcome Vince

Good morning David,

There are certainly some changes that I am struggling with, with my eyesight the resolution is currently the biggest challenge.

I am trying to troubleshoot a few issues but, the docwiki troubles are slowing this down.

Kind Regards,

Vince Dent

Good morning Me(2),

I am struggling a little with the high resolution issues, due to shit eyesight.

The problems with dockwiki are making it difficult to chase problems out though.

Kind Regards,

Vince Dent