Is there a virtual tree view for FMX?

Is there a Virtual tree view for FMX that is open source ?

Hey Sue,

TMS’s FMX Treeview is virtual (Ah, sorry, just saw the open source bit)

However, if you mean the VCL VirtualTreeview specifically, I saw awhile ago that there was the start of a port by someone else but not sure if it got merged into the main project or not


It was never merged, because it was a PR from hell - impossible to merge (I know, I made a few like that recently during refactoring). I’m not sure if it will ever be merged.

VT is just such a complex beast, and the current maintainers - JAM and myself (occasionally) don’t understand what half the code does. I would hope that someone uses it as a basis to start again… but there aren’t many people with the will or time to do that (for free at least!).

Worth a read

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Thanks Malcolm.

I have the TMS FNC components with their virtual tree view and find it good.

The post was half-hearted, as we need something to demo for the ADUG meeting on Discourse last night, and that was all I could think of.


Are you planning to use it for larger-estate screens? Because as a mobile app user I would totally struggle with a treeview on the phone, therefore I would question its use on usability grounds :smiley:
I know, I am a pain :smiley:

Strictly desktop. For me FMX as a term includes mobile but not in all cases.

I have used both the TMS and FMX.TTreeview
I had difficulty with the TMS version as I had an older version of DElphi 10.2.3 and my version of TMS was 2.6. The TMS treeview did not function as advertised in that the in place editor did not present as well when I installed other components like their planner and planner dataconnection as well as their grid and grid dataconnector I had significant issues and my project not only dod not compile but when It did it gave me AV’s. I reported the issues to TMS who then corrected some of these in relase 3 + of the FNC controls that had been released after my licence expired much to my dismay thay said I could fix my problem by upgrading … Doh!
The native FMX.Treeview is actually quite good and allows one to embed additional controls inside a tTreeviewItem like edit controls and check box etc.
I replaced the TMS control with that and since an item has a global index was able to link that to an index from a FDMem table which I later replaced woth a ClientDatset file . Had too many issues with FDMemTables and live bindings failing.

My experience with the TMS VirtualTreeview is quite different.

I have used it with both 10.3 and 10.4. I maintain my TMS subscription and generally run with a reasonably up to date version.

I find the Treeview powerful. There was a big learning curve as it does work differently from the VCL VirtualTreeview. I have used it in both virtual mode and non-virtual mode. I also use it as a base for a number of different custom components I have built, and use when I need a ListView in FMX.

I always chose manual installation and select the platform I want. To date I have concentrated on 32bit Windows so it is pointless installing it for other platforms.

I do not believe the native FMX.Treeview could possibly do what I have achieved with the TMS product.

Ultimately it comes down to what you are trying to achieve. It sounds like FMX.Treeview does what you need so it makes sense to use it.

On one hand I understand the frustration of having to pay for upgrades to get bug fixes. On the other hand, I know how time consuming it can be to patch old versions and do the testing necessary for release. As a supplier of software, if I am going to put time into finding and fixing bugs (which realistically will always exist), I find it easier and more reliable if I only have to work with the latest release. And I don’t have the issue of supporting multiple versions of Delphi and Lazarus, and multiple operating systems.