Issue with Live Binding data between a TGrid and TDFTable

Hi all,
I have a weird issue that I believe was working in older versions of delphi but is now not working in D11.2.

I have an TFDTable that displays records in a TGrid via LiveBinding. When I first go into the form and select a record in the grid, the dataset moves to the correct record, however subsequent selections in the grid take the dataset to the wrong record.

If I exit and go back into the form, I can again correctly select the record only the on the first selection.

Is this a known issue?
Is there a work around?

Thanks in advance.


Does it work (or not) in 11.3 (edit; plus patch)?

Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to upgrade to 11.3.

I tend to be a little gun shy about upgrading and this just seems to reinforce that :frowning:

Got around to testing it in 11.3 with patch and it is still has the issue. :frowning:

Some more info - it seems to be related to when I set a particular index on the table (a “name” field), but it is also affected by scrolling. If I scroll the grid it will bring things back into line again, for a few selections only.
I’ve also reindexed that table, just in case the index was corrupt.