Issue with Migration Tool

Hi there, I am trying to move components, etc. from Delphi 10.3 to 10.4.2. I have used the migration tool to export the settings from 10.3 to an ‘.idesettings’ file. After I successfully (i.e. no errors) import these settings to 10.4.2, none of the components or tools that were in 10.3 are available in 10.4.2. Is my espectation that tools and components will be moved between versions misplaced… or must I reinstall all third party products individually? An example would be FastReports. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Kim.

The migration tool is unfortunately not very good (tried to say worse than that but the forum censored me :rofl: ) - you are better off manually copying across settings.

I don’t believe it does components anyway due to the fact that they need to be recompiled for the newer compiler version.

Oh, buggar… thx Vincent.