Issue with TMS AdvToolBarPager and windows

I have a an AdvToolBarPager1 ‘integrated’ into the Application’s title bar (Sorry, can’t even remember how you do that, at least I can’t get a test app to do it)

The problem is that when you have a multi monitor setup and the ‘main display’ is smaller than the secondary display, and you maximise the application on the secondary display the application closes.

More concisely, if, after dragging the app onto the secondary monitor, you maximise the app by either double clicking on the title bar, or by clicking on the maximise button, the app is maximised, but Windows also sends a WM_CLOSEQUERY, followed by a WM_CLOSE.

AdvToolBarPager1 is rather old and is out of support.

Anyone got any ideas, or at least where I can start looking?

More information

If I gut the AdvToolBarMDI sample til it’s just the main form with

AdvToolBarPager1: TAdvToolBarPager;

AdvShapeButton1: TAdvShapeButton;

AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1: TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler;

AdvQuickAccessToolBar1: TAdvQuickAccessToolBar;

And pretty much nothing else it still happens.

If I change the AdvToolBarOfficeStyler to anything other than bsOffice2010* the problem goes away, but it is there for all bsOffice2010* values

If the component is old, it’s not supporting High DPI. At a guess, the visible maximize area on the toolbar component actually covers part of the underlying close X area… and that’s where the WM_CLOSE comes from.

That sure seems like a reasonable explanation.

Except, why both Close and Maximize messages?

And neither monitor is scaled.

I’ve tried tracing/looking through the source, but I can’t spot anything.

Yeah, purchasing the latest version will almost certainly fix it. But, given where things are going that’s not going to happen.

So weird that they won’t even let you into their forum unless you have a current subscription