Jarrod Davis - Delphi Developer

Jarrod Davis

This young guy (I think?) is pretty prolifically working away at his own game development framework and tools.
He has posted regularly in the fb group Delphi Developer, and I’ve been trying to get him to give a presentation.

SDLplus - Pascal bindings for SDL and additional libraries in Delphi

These bindings are designed to extend the capabilities of Delphi by enabling the use of SDL along with other valuable libraries. The feature set will be continually expanded to include functionalities that are beneficial for game development projects.

Current Features:

  • Integration of ZipFile support with the SDL_RWops interface

  • Demonstrative example of OGG streaming playback from a ZipFile

Planned Enhancements:

  • Support for PNG and JPG textures

  • Graphical User Interface System

  • Basic Audio Engine Implementation

  • Video Playback Capabilities

  • Additional Features to be Announced