JEDI JCL & JVCL installation

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Is the only way we can install the JEDI components via GetIt?

Manually downloading and running the install.bat did add the tabs for the versions of Delphi that are installed on my PC, but via GetIt it worked?

Running Delphi 10.2 on Windows 11

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“did not work” (I’m assuming you left out a “not”)? In what way?

The one thing often missed, which is mentioned on the J(V)CL GitHub readme’s, is to grab .inc files that are common to both. These don’t come down with a normal git sync, sadly.

Yes “not”

The installer adds tabs for each of the versions of Delphi that are installed, but when I ran the install.bat only the first two tabs are visible. Install info tab and Licence tab.

And just looked at what was downloaded from the links on the Project JEDI web site and the two inc files you mention were not in the zip file.

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Does anyone know if these libraries / components will be available for Delphi 12 ?

Are people migrating to other libraries that are more maintained?

My XE app uses various JCL / JVCL, but I plan to migrate to D12 so maybe now is the time to remove those dependencies?

Pretty sure these will be around for a long time - they contain so many critical functions. Unfortunately as Delphi slowly dies and less critical apps are written with it, so many key libraries are no longer seeing the love they once did as the developers move on to other languages or retire and no one knew is coming in behind them.

Hello David,

they are available via the GetIt package manager. I have them installed in my Delphi 12 environment.


They don’t show up in the list of available packages in Delphi 12 for me.

Not on my list either

Grab them directly from github and compile. Even should they stop being available in GetIt, it’s easy enough to move the libraries to the next Delphi version

(Edit) and of course, syncing from github means you can get fixes on a running basis instead of waiting for the “yearly” GetIt update…


I couldn’t work out how to manually install it. I’ll have to wait until it becomes available via GetIt.

As EivindB says, you can download the source code for JCL and JVCL from github. I think they offer Zip files containing the most recent source for download, but it would be better to use a git client. I recommend Tortoise Git as it integrates the Git client into your windows desktop.

Tortoise Git for Windows

You can find the JEDI source/installers here:

JEDI source code archive

In each root folder of the source you will find an Install.bat file. Run the JCL one first. It will compile and run the normal JCL installer, but with all the recent patches, IDE support, Etc.

Next run the JVCL Install.bat file. Same deal - it will build and run the installer for the visual components.

Most folks can use all default installer settings for both JCL and JVCL. Don’t overthink it. :slight_smile:

OK, got it now. I must have been looking at the old repositories as the files I found previously seemed to be much older and didn’t list any recent Delphi versions.

I downloaded all master zip files and added the from the jedi-master zip to the jcl-master\jcl\source\include\jedi folder before running the jcl’s install.bat file.