JEDI VCS add-in for Delphi 11

I have a client who is using JEDI VCS and would like to use the add-in for Delphi, however there is as yet no version for Delphi 11. They have attempted to contact Uwe Schuster, however there has been no response.

I note from the documentation that our own @EivindB and @Mathias are (or were?) involved, so would either of you be able to help? (or anyone else if they can)

Perhaps it’s time for a change? Seriously… I thought Jedi VCS died years ago… I can’t imagine anyone willingly using it these days.

A great many years ago I worked on a version that used NexusDB as backend…

However, I’ve not touched it in as many years and @vincent is right. They really need to move on, the client would likely be happy with SVN if they don’t need any distributed VC.

Having said that, I’d have thought that getting the client going for a new Delphi version would be a fairly simple affair of fixing up an include file or similar with the latest Delphi version info?

Hello Dave,

my involvement dates back to 2005, when I implemented a COM object to be used by FinalBuilder to integrate with JediVCS. Unfortunately I don’t know the Delphi ToolsAPI good enough to be of help. The documentation is sketchy. Just the opposite of FinalBuilder, for which it was pretty clear what it required from the COM object.