Loading source into the Delphi 7 IDE

Hi, I’m new to Delphi (but a programmer for the last 40 years on IBM, Oracle forms/Unix, SQL Server) - I’ve been given source for a Delphi 7 application on a USB stick and I’ve downloaded and installed the Delphi 7 IDE. Do I need to copy the source code into a particular Delphi directory path, or can I just open the Delphi project file (.dpr) from the source directory in my Documents folder? When I try to compile the .exe file, I get a number of errors and I’m not sure if that’s because of the source location or errors with the actual code I’ve been given.
Thanks, Peter

Welcome Peter,

It is quite likely that the project directory structure for the source code needs to be setup in a specific locations or there is some other code libraries are missing.

It would help considerably if you could provide the exact error messages and we can help you further.

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Hi Geoff, thanks for the quick reply.
There are a few projects in the source I’ve been given. Here’s the error from the Admin project when I try and compile in the IDE -
[Fatal Error] FrAdmin.pas(8): File not found: ‘AlignEdit.dcu’
This error is from the Repair project when I try to compile -
[Fatal Error] OpenSQLServer.pas(6): File not found: ‘ComboBox.dcu’

I’ve noticed there are some config files (ie, Repair.cfg) for the projects that seem to reference directories I’m not using - do these .cfg files get used in the compilation process?

Neither AlignEdit.dcu or Combobox.dcu appear to be part of the standard Delphi in version 7. Can you find AlignEdit.pas and Combobox.pas in source code from the USB stick?

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Thanks Geoff - no, neither of these are on the USB stick. Looks like I’ll have to chase up the previous developer for the missing components.