Make PWA look more like a regular App?

I am looking at writing a PWA (TMS Webcore) for a booking system for someone. Thinking that this could be used for the website, Android and Apple.

  1. I know that when you run it in a browser, there is a button in the browser menu to “install” it.
  2. Its supposed to auto-update (untested by me as of now)
  3. Sadly monetizing Ads are not available


  1. If I display an Install button in the PWA, am I able to invoke the browser’s install process?
  2. To reduce stealable code, in the javascript, can I load Ajax style HTML? This way, much of the business logic will remain on the server.
  3. Has anyone compiled to a Linux server, providing web-services?
  1. This answer discusses PWA auto updates: android - When and how does a PWA update itself? - Stack Overflow

  2. I would suggest you look at HTMX - your back end can respond to the HTMX with no stealable Javascript on the page at all. There is a series of blog posts on the Embarcadero site about it:

  3. When you say “compiled to a Linux server” not sure what you mean. Compiled to Linux: yes, as long as it’s a supported version (which most web servers will be).

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