Melbourne 2023 Christmas Lunch Get Together

If you aren’t caught up in the Christmas rush on Friday, why not come down to the Beach Bar at Carrum for lunch on Friday for a relaxed, social get together.

The venue is a short walk from Carrum station on the Frankston line.

RSVP is required by Wednesday night to ensure our booking. Thanks.

Hi Sue
I will be there.
Not sure if I have RSVPed But I clicked on the Going Button which I think was grey and ticked. It is now Blue and ticked and the number “going” has incremented so I assume that was an RSVP

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Sorry - won’t make it (nearly 1.75 hours each way by bus and train).
Have a red for me folks :-).

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A great idea Sue. Thank you for organising.
Unfortunately I have a Christmas function clash on that day. Merry Christmas anyway.

Thanks Sue,
Sorry I will not be there as I have another engagement

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Lance Collins

Hello Sue.

Thanks for the invitation, I shall be delighted to attend, so please count me in.


Colin Kemp

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Hi Sue
Thanks for arranging this. I’ll be there.
Regards John

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Hi Sue,

I will be able to make it thanks!

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