Melbourne ADUG Meeting, Monday 19 February 2024 (Tomorrow)


I saw Graeme’s message about Firebird UDF’s and earlier today thought I would have a play which I did, So I thought I might talk about that tomorrow briefly.

Also, [hopefully] long time on my list to look at has been PostGresql.

So a bit of database.

Finally, but perhaps importantly I need to organise some more presentations for our meetings for the coming year (or a least a few months).


When: 6:00pm for a 6:15pm start
Where: At the Melbourne Men’s Shed, and on Zoom.

Zoom link will be up here shortly before the meeting starts.

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Hi Roger

Are you a FireBird user?

If you are can I contact you if I have any questions.

Re your talk: are you speaking about UDF’s, UDR’s for both?


Topic: Melbourne ADUG Meeting
Time: Feb 19, 2024 06:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Meeting ID: 856 0861 4173
Passcode: 334507

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Do we have a problem ? (Waiting for meeting to start).

0405 808 433

Hi Geoff

Is the zoom meeting open yet?


Sorry Geoff will be here shortly.

Meeting links

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Further info on the fastest language

Language Race - Introduction on how the contest was set up:

A list of the videos:

The Top 5 Fastest Languages

I assume this is the repository

The complete list of results?

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Issue with Getit last night:

Getit on 11.2 issue, a possible fix.


(Adjust this location for your setup, but likely 22.0)

Change ServiceURL, make it

Restart/Start Delphi.

With luck getit will now work, but not sure if codesite express is still available on it.
I can’t see it, but then I have full version installed, so it might hide it.

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Thanks Roger

Will have a look later this arvo


From Monday, some URLs for Firebird UDF’s


How to write UDF’s in Delphi?

Tutorial on Firebird 3.0 UDFs / External Functions (A question, no real answers)

(Very old)

Some Docs

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I posted this on the main Delphi fb group … @Roger_Plant 's suggestion got things (at least appearing to) work here
in the two out of four versions I had where GetIt wasn’t running.

@glenn.dufke suggested it might not be the best idea …
but I guess if this issue was holding you up from doing things … ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If it was for serious code … maybe you wouldn’t want to take a chance on a hack with your lifeline IDE.
Maybe there could be subtle bugs introduced if you installed something that thought it was one version instead of another ???
(But you’d kinda hope the actual installation process (vs the UI / network access part) would be solid enough not to allow something it shouldn’t)

I’d like to think I am personally responsible for this progress. :rofl:

Hi Paul

I did try Roger’s suggestion but had no success - still timed out.

I even entered the URL Roger suggested into my browse and got an error.

That was yesterday; I’m going to try on another machine tomorrow.


Hi Paul

After noticing Darian Miller’s post I tried Getit and was able to successfully view the avaiable Getit entries for Delphi 11.3.

Success at last.


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You should not amend your registry keys for 20, 21 and 22 - it may appear to work but in fact it will not. You will almost certainly get served up erroneous packages at best and corrupt your installation at worst.

Don’t do it! :grimacing:

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Thank you for that :slight_smile:

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