Melbourne Meeting 18 July 2022

Melbourne July ADUG Meeting

This meeting is tonight Monday 18th July

There will be a short Q&A/Soapbox session
after this I will do a couple of short presentations

External Enumeration (Iterators)
A bit on Git (Mostly tortoiseGit)

When: 6:00 pm for a 6:15pm start.
Where: At the Melbourne Men’s Shed, and on Zoom.

Zoom link will be up here shortly before the meeting starts.

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I will start accepting attendees just be fore 6pm

Topic: Melbourne ADUG Meeting
Time: Jul 18, 2022 06:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Review of the July ADUG meeting

Malcolm Groves will be making his Symposium Presentation at the August
Adug meeting starting from 7:00pm AEST. (This will be a national Adug

Up to around 11 people were on Zoom, With about 4 at MMS.
There was a short discussion at the start.

I made a presentation on Enumerators (Iterators elsewhere)
Mostly on External Iterators.

The basic enumeration functionality is easy to implement, and seems to work well.

There was a simple demonstration program made with one Iterator using
record types, as well as one using a class, and Interface
implementation. (Not IEnumerable)

However if you decide to follow “Recommended” and use IEnumerable, (more
especially IEnumerable) things rapidly become difficult to horrible,
and the gains don’t seem worth it.

Demo and PowerPoint

During and Afer this there was a bit of a discussion about Enumeration.

Apparently Spring4D has an IEnumerable (or similar name) that works much
better. I need to install Spring4D, rewatch the Stefan’s Symposium
presentation, and see how I go.

High DPI Issues

Mathias gave us a bit of a demo of the issues he is having with his
program where a right justified Label goes way offscreen (right) when
moved from a normal DPI monitor to a monitor setup to indicate high DPI.
(Scaled to 1.5)

This was quite interesting, and took a bit of juggling as to which
screens were shared on zoom by Mathias so we all got to see the Code
(in a VM), and Running Executable (on 2 different monitors)

There were a number of suggestions raised that were possibly worth looking into.

Keeping the left side of the Label lined up with a Text box was one
that looked to work.

However as Mathias pointed out, it should just work out of the box…
A Quality ticket has been created.


I gave a very short presentation on Git, and TortoiseGit
Which resulted in quite a lot of discussion afterwards.

I am mostly using D10.1 and Geoff showed how it does actually plug into
Git. And from the history Tab you can look at both checked in revisions
of files as well the local history revisions. ~number~

I perhaps prefer the file browsing experience of TortoiseGit.
But Delphi integration does seem usable.

Git seems to keep on getting better, and there are more and more 3rd
party git related utilities, and things that used to be very hard are
now not so hard.

Git-Tools has a few of these utilities.
They are python scripts.

git-restore-mtime is a well used one.
git-clone-subset is probably worth a look.

Meeting finished a little after 8:30

Thanks to all of you who attended.

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This is true. The way IEnumerable and IEnumerable<T> are declared in the RTL is wrong, and it makes it impossible to implement IEnumerable<T> in a single class.

Thanks for a very informative presentation, @Roger_Plant .

Tidying up some of my browser tabs … this might also be relevant to the last part of your git discussion …