Melbourne Meeting 18th September 2023 - Using TeeChart to look at Electricity Usage

Know that TeeChart is powerful but not sure how to use it?

Interested in doing something with the data that comes out of your smart meter?

Roger Connell demonstrates features of Standard TeeChart (as available in Delphi) and touches on additional extras in the Pro version, using data from his electricity usage of the last few years.

We will also spend some time talking about future directions for ADUG, so if you have any thoughts/suggestions/quibbles, this is a good time to share them.

Meeting time 6:00 pm for 6:15 start with questions and discussion, followed by the presentation at 6:30, Melbourne time (AEST).

Meeting location : Men’s Shed under Federation Square
How to find the Men’s Shed

Zoom details will be posted on the day.

This topic sounds interesting!
Will you have Zoom as well?


Details will be posted on Monday

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Meeting ID: 832 7778 4864
Passcode: 770934
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Last Mondays Melbourne Meeting

Sorry for this very delayed (and as a result, somewhat vague) post.

Roger Connell showed us some of the Delphi TChart’s functionality.

The Pro Version is fairly expensive and does more, but the one that
comes with Delphi (vcl std, fmx lite) works quite well.
There are also versions available which include source.

Feature Matrix

The project demoed involved importing Power Statistics previously
retrieved from AGL, (get 2 years worth at a time) and displaying them on
a T Chart.

Could interactively zoom in and out and pan around.

Can see when you had holidays. (Power consumption drop)

It seems to work quite well.

Some related stuff

Charting in a web page:

TAChart for Lazarus

Discussion on Adug Evolution

Some possibilities

Product Comparisons, analysis

Would like to see Product Comparisons, Analyse and find Pros and Cons
eg. Javascript Transpilers

Put a focus on Delphi, Javascript for some time.


Would like stuff in Python, (perhaps scripting generally)
Python seems to be used a lot in data analysis, machine learning scenarios.

Following one of Grahame Grieves presentations, I did a little with
Delphi and the ChakraCore javascript engine at one stage.

Have played with DWScript, (parsing DFM files to JSON, editing and
converting back to DFM)
(DWScript now used in SmartMobileStudio)


Study group on Spring4d,
Focus on project for using spring4d.
Intro to spring4d

Would like some examples.

Putting data into memory and extract.

Overview one time, and then a week later?

Talk about books we have read

  • Delphi in all its glory
  • Code better in Delphi

More elegant approaches C#, F# etc.

Free Pascal
Mobile Stuff
Brief discussion around DunitX and FPC
(No attributes is a problem),
** turns out FPC does now have attributes, Can they be made usable **

Web Dev
Need people and product
Most important is security probably

Extend a (an olive?) branch to Orange County or UK.

Get ball rolling in a few ways.

Opportunities to do 1 day workshops.
Training Session, Paid Thing.
Not beginner, Maybe Zoom

eg. Open Source Tools
Training Session (Quartex Pascal)

Make sure people to keep things in scope.

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