Microsoft Defender giving false positives with Tokyo built executable

Is anyone else getting false positive virus detections from the inbuilt Windows 10 Microsoft Defender Antivirus this morning?

It’s flagging a fairly simple VCL utility I wrote and built with Tokyo quite a while back.

I’ve run Beyond Compare on the EXE against a copy stored offline some time ago and there are no changes so I’m pretty certain it’s a false positive.

Not today, but have had similar in the past.

It’s usually a fairly simple program. And it ‘usually’ has some duplicated, or close to duplicated text.

If I went to the ‘trouble’ to remove the duplicated text the AV usually changed its mind.

What do you mean by “duplicated text”?

Text appearing multiple times within the application or replicating text found elsewhere (not sure where that elsewhere might be)?

Text appearing multiple times within the application

Yeah, my email program, written in Delphi, has been picked up by Malwarebytes and previously by Defender.